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Session 1: September 5-November 3

Welcome to Intensity Dance Studio's new home-school dance program! Get ready to move, groove, and express yourself through the art of dance. Whether you're a beginner or have some dance experience, Intensity is here to guide you on a journey of rhythm, coordination, and self-discovery. Join us and discover the joy of dance while fostering a strong sense of community with other fellow home-schoolers. Let's dance our way to a healthier body, sharper mind, and endless fun!

*Owner Courtney Poettker will be the instructor for all classes!

$190 for 8-Week Session
$95 a month
$25 Registration Fee

Stretch & Sweat


10:00-11:00A- Grades 1-4
11:00a-12:00P- Grades 5-8
12:00-1:00P- grades 9-12

Build up your strength, flexibility and endurance in our Stretch & Sweat class is designed to introduce the importance of physical activity, flexibility, and healthy habits, all while having fun!
This class will guide your student through a dynamic combination of
stretching exercises and enjoyable workouts that help
improve coordination, balance, and overall fitness. 

During each session, your child will: 

  • Learn basic stretches to improve flexibility and prevent injury.

  • Participate in interactive games that make exercising fun.

  • Engage in age-appropriate strength-building activities.

  • Enhance their cardiovascular endurance through lively workouts.

  • Develop teamwork skills and make new friends in a supportive environment.


Our class is tailored to keep kids engaged, motivated,

and excited about staying active.

Jazz/Musical Theatre


10:00-11:00A- Grades 5-8
11:00a-12:00P- Grades 1-4
12:00-1:00P- grades 9-12

In this energetic and creative course, young dancers will explore the dynamic worlds of jazz and musical theatre. 

During each session, your child will: 

  • Learn jazz dance stretches and basic techniques.

  • Learn/practice the art of story-telling through dancing.

  • Learn  combination of steps in order to put these practices to work.

  • Help build confidence in their ability to perform both for themselves and in front of their peers.

We will nurture your child's love for dance while fostering teamwork, confidence, and stage presence. Join us for this adventure where imagination meets rhythm and dance.

Dance Acrobatics


10:00-11:00A- Grades 1-4
11:00a-12:00P- Grades 9-12
12:00-1:00P- grades 5-8

This course is tailored to individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels who are eager to explore the exciting realm of acrobatics. 

During each session, your child will: 

  • Learn basic stretches to improve flexibility and prevent injury.

  • Learn/review basic skills such as forward/backward rolls and handstands.

  • Will receive a "guided plan" to track progress and to make sure we are meeting/reaching the goals set.

  • Work on/complete a new skill each class.

Safety is paramount, and we here at Intensity prioritize proper form and technique to ensure that your students progress is both effective and injury-free.

Hip Hop


10:00-11:00A- Grades 9-12
11:00a-12:00P- Grades 1-4
12:00-1:00P- grades 5-8

This high-energy class is designed to introduce young dancers to the dynamic world of hip hop dance.

During each session, your child will: 

  • Develop their sense of rhythm, coordination and help find their own style of hip hop.

  • Learn combos of modern hip hop styles (all clean movements)

  • Be encouraged to express themselves in their own style.

  • Have fun and let lose while learning more about themselves!

Whether your child is new to dance or a seasoned mover, our class promises to be a fun and exciting journey into the urban dance culture.



  • Classes are on a first come first serve basis. Once the cap is met, dancers will be added to the waiting list of that class. We will then notify parents if the space becomes available.

  • If paying monthly, all payments are due by the 5th of each month, a $10 fee will be added after this date.

  • Multi-class discounts are available, please email  for  more information!

Private 1:1 or
Virtual Classes

Private 1:1 or virtual classes are available
for all above classes.
Availability will need to be discussed. 
please email
with your request and we will find something
to work for you!

Prices Vary

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