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- Staying Informed -

Our Dedication lies in ensuring that the dance experience is both enjoyable and well-organized. Keeping you updated and informed is a key objective for us. Our main sources of communication will be via e-mail and our website. Please make sure that we have a valid email address on file for you and your dancer.
Please be sure to email or call us with any questions you may have.

Studio Email:

- Attendance -

  • Dancers are required to attend their scheduled practices each week.

  • Dancers are able to have only 3 unexcused absences throughout the summer courses (May-August) and 3 unexcused absences throughout the season (September-April). More than this will result in being removed from routines due to the fast pace that we are learning and cleaning choreography. (This is for studio classes only, teams have different attendance policies).

  • Illness and family emergencies are excused. Skipping practice, homework, and other activities are not excused. More than 2 tardies (more than 5 min. late) will result in an unexcused absence. With the practice schedule being the same weekly, we would expect that all other plans be made around practice times. We are implementing this policy to ensure that all dancers are present and to hold each member of the team accountable for their participation in the team. With dancers not being present, this can cause delay in learning and moving forward in choreography. We will be actively keeping record of this as well throughout the year. 

  • Vacations are understandable and we do not want to take these times from the dancers. If you have vacations planned, please send the dates to Courtney so she is able to have them logged so we do not have to ask later. If known in advance (prior to season starting), these are considered excused absences. 

  • If you are injured, attendance to practice and competitions are still required. This will ensure that you do not fall behind with any corrections or choreography. This also goes along with you being a member of a team and making sure to be there for the team. will only be allowed to return to practice after we have received clearance from a licensed physician.

  • With outside events that we participate in, since we are a team all are required to attend, with the exception of some events (ex: opening day parade) that may be held on school days. 

  • The time that practice starts is the time that it STARTS. You should be there 10-15 minutes before the actual start time in order to get your stuff away and be on the floor ready to go. 

  • If you have an absence during the week of a competition, you will not be eligible to compete at that competition but will still be required to come and support your team.

- Classroom Etiquette -

  • You will come to practice and be present and fully engaged and ready to go. You will give 100% at each practice as you do not want to be the one who holds your teammates back. 

  • You will be respectful to all other dancers and teams at all times. 

  • You will take critique in a mature manner and address such correction.

  • Leave the Drama for your Mama! You understand that there is a no drama policy. You will be addressed once with a parent and if the issue persists, you will be asked to leave the team.

  • Bullying in any form or by any member of our team, staff or parents will not be tolerated.

  • You will treat ALL Intensity coaches and teachers with respect.

  • You promise to represent Intensity Dance Teams in a positive light at all times. (ie: social media, at events and competitions).

- Dress Code -

  • Dress code this year is either black or gray for every practice. You will be given Intensity practice gear that can be worn to practices as well. When you arrive at practice, your hair will be out of your face completely and secured in a manner that you will not need to readjust during practice. 

  • YOU are responsible for ensuring that you have all of your dance shoes with you at each practice, this includes your jazz/pom shoes as well as gym shoes for hip hop. If you cannot bring them to every practice with you, there are lockers available to rent so that they are always there.

- Studio Closings -

Notifications regarding studio closures resulting from severe weather will be disseminated through email, and our social media pages. While closures typically align with Northwest Local School District (NWLSD), it's advisable to verify with the studio directly, as weather conditions may fluctuate.

- Class Observation -

We recognize the importance of parents wanting to observe their child's progress and behavior. However, it's acknowledged that parents can sometimes be a distraction to the child's learning process. Therefore, teachers may permit parents in the studios during specific times at their discretion. 

- Withdrawal Policy -

  • If you decide to discontinue a class, it is essential to inform Intensity Dance Studio in written form; otherwise, you will continue to incur charges for classes. As tuition is paid on a monthly basis, withdrawals are only accepted at the end of each month.

  • If you choose to withdraw during the year after practices and competitions have commenced, you will be responsible for paying half of the remaining balance on your account.

  • Under certain circumstances, when it is deemed beneficial for one or more students, the studio owner or director may find it necessary to terminate a student's enrollment. Every effort will be made to address any issues before resorting to enrollment termination. Reasons for such termination may include disruptive or hazardous behavior by students or their parents, mistreatment of other children, staff, or property, and the inability of the dance studio staff to adequately meet the needs of the child or family.

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